About Sinless Snacks

ABOUT SINLESS SNACKS Hey, I’m Nick Raccuia, Founder of Sinless Snacks. Not long ago, I was 33 pounds heavier and knew I needed to make some changes. Like you, I discovered the benefits of reducing sugar and lowering the carbs in my diet. Once I started changing the foods I was eating, the weight just kept falling off. The problem for me, though? I loved snacking and have a crazy sweet tooth. But, I couldn’t find any low sugar snacks that tasted good! So, I decided to create my own and started experimenting with keto bars, cereal bars and more! At first, I was only making these for me. But before long, I started sharing these snacks with friends, family and low-carb dieters alike. Next thing you know, Sinless Snacks was born! What started out as a way for me to snack in a healthy way, turned into an amazing business! Now I have a great team and wonderful customers who rave about the product. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Sinless Snacks family, where our mission is to create healthy, great-tasting, and guilt free versions of your favorite treats. So go ahead and eat another one. Snack more and sin less.