KetoBrownie Is Now Sinless Snacks

Welcome to Sinless Snacks! 

Nick here, the creator of Sinless Snacks and KetoBrownie.

As you may have noticed from the website, our social media profiles or from word of mouth, things are looking a bit different around here. 

KetoBrownie is now officially Sinless Snacks

I’d like to use this post to explain a bit about the new brand mission, why we decided to re-brand and what you can expect from Sinless Snacks moving forward. 

But first, I wanted to say thank you for following along my journey. If you’ve been following the KetoBrownie brand you probably know my story. But if you just joined recently, I founded KetoBrownie five years ago with the goal of creating keto and low-carb snacks to help people stay consistent on their health and nutritional lifestyles. 

So, if you’ve been rooting for me along the way, thank you. 

If you’ve purchased any of my snacks along the way, thank you. 

Or if you’ve simply opened my emails, shouted us out on social media or given me a piece of your time, thank you! 

Now onto the big re-brand update. You may be wondering why I’m changing the brand and these are the two main reasons. 

I want to reach and help more people. 

A lot of people have overlooked KetoBrownie with “Keto” in the name. I often get emails and talk to customers who say they don’t know what Keto is or if these snacks are made for them. 

This really got me thinking about the big picture. 

The ingredients and nutritional profiles of all the snacks I created, have always fit into many different diet lifestyles. Whether you’re ketogenic, low-carb, diabetic, watching your sugar intake or simply just want a healthier option for you or your kids. 

My snacks fit into these diet lifestyles, and I want the brand name to align with that mission going forward. 

I will be offering more than brownies. 

This reason made the brand change a necessity. I have my sights on creating some unique healthy snacks and launching them with “brownie” in the brand name just doesn’t work!

So, I needed to create something that would allow me to bring some these snack projects to life. 

Don’t worry, we will still be making KetoBrownies (all flavors) now and in the future. They may look a bit different down the road, so you could say these current ones are now a collector’s item. 

And that’s why Sinless Snacks was born. 

Sinless Snacks creates healthy, great-tasting, and guilt free versions of your favorite treats. We’re on a mission to make you feel good about your snack choices. Whether you're keto, low-carb or looking to kick that sugar habit, our snacks are for YOU.

So go ahead and eat another one. 

Snack more and sin less. 

If you have any questions about the rebrand, our snacks or just want to say hi, you can email me directly at