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Treat yourself to an assortment of our top-rated sweet, savory and good for you snacks, curated by nutritionists you can trust

2 Sinless Marsh Mallow Krisp Bars

2 Sinless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

2 Servings of Sinless Lemon Biscotti Cookies

5 Diet Support eBooks

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Why Our Customers Love Us

  • The Biscotti Cookies are soft, flavorful, and just the right snack for my cravings!

    Jack. Verified Customer

    When it comes to eating healthy, these are my snack option. I don't feel guilty!

    Wilson. Verified Customer

    When I crave sweets I have one of these and don’t feel bad since it’s only 80 calories! 

    Frances. Verified Customer

Here’s what you’ll get

6 single serve treats + 5 informative keto e-books shipped fast & free


Marshmallow Bars

226 Reviews


Cookie Dough Bars

34 Reviews


Lemon Biscotti Cookies

12 Reviews


5 Keto E-Books

15 Reviews

Helping You Cut Sugar With Snacking Since 2017

Welcome to the Sinless Snacks family, where our mission is to create healthy, great-tasting, and guilt-free versions of your favorite treats on the go, for those like you with a crazy busy lifestyle. All of our snacks are perfect for any Keto or low-carb diets and make for the perfect snack.

We do not use any artificial chemicals that might harm you, and none of the ingredients are ever hidden from you.

So go ahead...

Snack more and sin less.

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